Manitowoc Launches New Indigo Ice Machine With Advanced Diagnostics and Superior Cleanability

Manitowoc Ice has built its reputation on developing the most innovative and reliable ice solutions for the foodservice industry. Our newest ice machine - IndigoTM - means ice assurance - never worry about ice again. Ice assurance is a series of technological advancements including intelligent diagnostics, the ability to monitor ice machine operations 24-hours a day, easy-to-read display screen, easy to clean foodzone to handle food safety concerns, assurance that ice will be clean and taste great for your customers, water and energy management features that save money, and superior service and support of the equipment.

State-of-the-art diagnostics offer constant monitoring of refrigeration and sub-system controls so if an issue arises it is immediately communicated and can be addressed. Utilizing energy management technologies, ice production levels can be scheduled by day-of-week or time-of-day to take advantage of lower nighttime energy rates. And, the patented LuminIceTM growth inhibitor reduces bacteria, mold, and yeast in the food zone, easing food safety concerns.

"The new Indigo ice machine offers industry leading diagnostics and cleanability enhancements all geared toward creating a more reliable and efficient ice maker," states John Sara, senior product manager for Manitowoc Ice. "Summing up, the best just got better."

Intelligent Diagnostics

Manitowoc's new Indigo ice machine offers an internal communication system that never sleeps. Constant monitoring of electronic systems means that if issues arise they are immediately noted and can be addressed. The electronic storing and reading of data makes servicing easier and reduces labor and machine downtime.

IceConnectTM USB and RS485 communication ports transmit ice production, energy usage, water usage, and service data allowing for asset management from across the room or the country. Knowing what is going on with every stage of the ice making process gives operators one less thing to worry about. These types of preventative diagnostics can save lengthy downtimes and can eliminate the need to contact a service agent for simple issues that are easy to correct by the user.

Read Easy Display

The Indigo makes communication between staff and the ice machine easy. The easy-to-read display panel prompts for things like adding sanitizer or checking the water or air filter.

Words, not codes, are displayed making communications easy to understand without referring to a manual for preventative diagnostics, operating status, and machine information. The blue backlit display is easy to read in dimly lit basements or in bright kitchen locations. The Indigo has multiple language choices for the display to allow it to be easily understood around the world.

Keeping things simple has always been a priority for Manitowoc ice makers. Though we offer additional information through the display the machine still makes ice by pushing a single dedicated buttons. "We wanted to keep the basic operation of this machine as simple as pressing one button but have additional information for the user and technician when they need it," states Sara.

Active Clean

Food safety issues are always a concern. Having automated systems in place to initiate regular cleaning, sanitizing, and de-scaling cycles ensures that the foodzone is regularly maintained.
Manitowoc raises the cleaning standard by not only designing equipment that is easier to clean,
but also by offering several key technologies to help inhibit slime growth, lime deposits, and mineral scale. Effectively reducing the number of cleanings saves labor time, money, and machine downtime during the cleaning process.

The LuminIceTM Growth Inhibitor is an available accessory that creates "active air" by recirculating the air inside the ice machine foodzone over a UV light. This active air passes over all exposed foodzone components to inhibit the growth of mold, yeast, bacteria, and other common micro-organisms. No chemicals need to be added to the unit, only a simple UV bulb change is needed once a year.

Ice Assurance

Ice is always there, where and when you need it. Whether you need 100 pounds of ice or 3,000 lbs., the Indigo delivers the highest quality ice to serve customers. Manitowoc's revolutionary acoustical ice-sensing technology accurately measures ice thickness for consistent cube formation and water conditions. In addition, customizable ice production levels ensure ice is there when you need it and production is shut off when you don't.

The ice clarity feature adjusts the water usage to improve ice quality in hard water locations. A TDS (total dissolved units) water sensing probe constantly monitors the incoming water quality and provides alerts if water quality needs attention.

Energy Management

For years, Manitowoc Ice has been a leader in providing ice machines that are not only dependable but are also good for the environment. Manitowoc's Indigo ice machines offer several key technologies that improve efficiency and also provide the ability to control energy and water consumption, further reducing the cost of ownership.

A customizable ice making schedule allows for fluctuations in daily levels of production, saving energy by making only the amount of ice you need, when you need it. In addition, ice production levels can be scheduled by day-of-week or time-of-day to take advantage of lower nighttime energy rates. Being able to control energy and water consumption is not only good for the environment but it also reduces the cost of ownership.

Service and Support

Quick, reliable diagnosis of an ice machine is essential to keep operations running smoothly. Manitowoc's Indigo gathers information 24-hours a day. This collection of recorded and real-time data enables quick and accurate diagnosis of any problem. With remote gateway monitoring, diagnosis can begin remotely before a service technician is at the door.

Service data can be displayed for faster and more accurate service calls or can be downloaded via USB port for detailed analysis by a service technician. The control board "self-check" saves unnecessary part replacement.

Summing up, everything about the Manitowoc Indigo Series Ice Machines makes it easier on you. Thoughtful features like easy to read display, intelligent diagnostics, and even ice that lights up when you open the bin. We know, the less time you spend thinking about your ice machine the better. That's why we made one that thinks for you. Manitowoc IndigoTM - means ice assurance - never worry about ice again.

For more information on Manitowoc's new Indigo ice machines visit or from your smart phone or iPad.

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