Manitowoc Ice Offers a Wide Range of Modular Nugget Ice Makers to Meet the Needs of the Foodservice Industry

manitowoc modular ice maker b and b distributors st. louisManitowoc nugget ice machines address a variety of needs from beverage dispensing to healthcare and offer a range of daily ice production levels from 300 lbs of ice to 1,300 lbs. Nugget ice complements any beverage from a carbonated soda to a blended smoothie. They are perfect for use in restaurants, cafeterias, healthcare, convenience stores, and more.

RN1000 on a B570 BinManitowoc's nugget ice machines provide a 90% ice to water ratio right in between cubers at 98% and flake at 73%. This positions nugget ice as a softer, more chewable ice without the drink dilution and dispensability issues of softer types of ice. Nugget ice machines produce a 5/8" diameter by 1" average length ice. Dispenser agitators further break up the nugget lengths. The unit ships with two discharge tubes: a 4" tube for bin applications and an optional 9" tube for dispenser applications. Available modular nugget models include: RN0400, RN1000, RN1400, RN1078C, and RN1278C.

Manitowoc modular nugget ice machines boast a low friction rugged gearbox for long life with smooth, quiet operation. The gearbox is sealed for life with no need for bearing inspection, replacement or maintenance unlike others in the marketplace requiring periodic maintenance inspections. Costs of inspections required on competitor models are not included in the warranty and add to the service bill. Manitowoc offers a 3-year parts and 2-year labor warranty with an additional 2-year parts warranty on the compressor.

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