Convenience Store Ice Machines & Beverage Machines

B & B Distributors sell and service many convenient store ice machines and beverage systems in the St. Louis Metro Area. Manitowoc's line of SerVend and Multiplex ice machines and beverage systems are perfect for convenient store volume as well as ease of use and serviceability.

SerVend offers combination ice and beverage dispensing machines made for countertops that are made to produce high quality and high volumes of carbonated and non carbonated beverages. These machines provide customers ease, convenience, and flexible beverage solutions dispensing up to 12 flavored beverages in one machine. SerVend also offers beverage accessories needed in a convenient store such as different size cup dispensers, Flomatic beverage valves, and cold carbonation retro fit kits.

Manitowoc's Multiplex soda and beverage product line also fit well in the convenient store industry. B & B Ice Machine Distributors offer soda dispensing towers fit for a countertop. We have many different sizes and styles such as portion control towers and modular towers with lid and straw storage on top of the machines. To top off these soda and beverage systems, B & B also distributes CUNO cold and hot beverage water filtration systems that can be used to guarantee quality water for all convenient store beverage applications.

B & B Distributors of St. Louis, MO pride themselves on quality products, service, and installation. We can install all Manitowoc, SerVend, Multiplex, and CUNO products to create a customized ice machine and beverage system for every client.

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