Hotel & Motel Ice Machine Industry

B & B Commercial Ice Machine Distributors offer the highest rated hotel ice machines in the industry. Offering floorstanding ice machines and counter top ice machines, B & B Distributors of St. Louis has many different options when it comes to hotel and lodging industry ice machines.

There are two main sizes, the 22 inch and 30 inch ice machine that have a narrow footprint and fit well in confined spaces. Manitowoc manufacturers the number one hotel and motel ice machine dispenser which is part of their new S Series ice machines. These ice machines are made to comply with CEE Tier 2 energy efficient requirements. Manitowoc's ice cube machines are also sanitary, help save money by being energy efficient, are designed to run whisper-quiet, and are easily serviced as well. These are just a few of the reasons why Manitowoc's S Series commercial ice machines are the best and widely used in the hotel and motel industries.

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