B & B Distributors Client Testimonials

St. Louis Ice Machine Distributor Bill of UGasBill came to work with B & B Distributors by a recommendation from a current vendor. He was also specifically looking for the type of equipment Chuck serviced and sold such as SerVend & Ice Pik beverage machines, Manitowoc ice machines, and the reverse osmosis systems.

Bill purchased ice makers, fountain soda machines & sytems, coolers, refrigeration units, RO systems, and water filtration systems from B & B for the U Gas locations.

"Chuck was great to work with. He was very honest about the products and was very knowledgeable about all of the equipment. We trusted his experience and were happy with the service. The products and service were of
great quality."

Bill Mulkey,
President of U Gas

Mark was referred B & B Distributors by one of their vendors, PepsiCola. Mark was in need of multiple large volume ice machines that were dependable as well as a reverses osmosis system. Hit N Run purchased a chiller, reverse osmosis system, and several ice makers from B & B.

"The project had a life of its own. Everyone at B & B Distributors and Hit N Run worked through the challenges as they came up. We are happy with the job thus far. The middle of summer will be the real test. I have complete faith that we will get great results from the system."

"Chuck is a real pain in the butt! Just kidding! We worked well together. He responded to the very few issues that came up in a prompt manner. He is very good at explaining the complex actions and reactions of the systems in terms even I can understand. B&B's technicians seem to be very professional and courteous."

Mark Hackworth
Hit N Run

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