Restaurant & Bar Ice & Beverage Machine Industry

B & B Distributors has a solution for every restaurant or bar ice machine, beverage, and water filtration need. By offering the full Manitowoc, SerVend, Multiplex, and CUNO product lines, we can create a full system of ice, beverage, and water filtration products for each individual client.

Manitowoc offers many ice machines that are perfect for the foodservice industry. The 48 inch ice machine series creates large volumes of ice required daily in a restaurant or bar. These ice machines can then be complimented with a SerVend beverage dispenser or a Multiplex Beermaster Draught system to complete the package.

CUNO also offers water filtration systems for beverage machines as well as ice machines. B & B distributes CUNO's point of entry solutions such as water softeners and backwash filters. These are very beneficial in the foodservice industry to purify the water entering the building. CUNO also offers warewashing water treatment systems for large warewashing machines.

With all of these high quality products combined, B & B Distributors can build the perfect ice, water, and beverage system for your restaurant or bar.

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