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Manitowoc Nugget Ice Machines

Great things happen when you combine the popularity of nugget ice with the quality and reliability of Manitowoc ice machines. Manitowoc's exclusive SoftQube® nugget ice provides a softer, chewable texture while still providing maximum cooling affect. The ice is easy to chew, yet hard enough to be dispensed without hand-scooping; 83% ice to water ratio. SoftQube is approximately 3/10" x 3/10" x ½". Daily ice making capacities range from 325 lbs. up to 1,285 lbs.

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Manitowoc SN 12 Nugget Ice Machine & Dispenser

Ideal for healthcare & hospital ice dispenser needs. Large production capacity production also works well in nursing home and breakroom applications. Up to 325 lbs. (147 kgs.) daily ice production.

Manitowoc SN-450 Nugget Ice Machine

Narrow modular nugget ice machine produces an 83% ice to water ratio for dispensing and scooping applications. Up to 477 lbs. (216 kgs.) daily ice production.

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