Manitowoc 30" Flake Ice Machines Pair Perfectly with B-Style Bins Without Accessory Adaptor

Manitowoc, Wis - May 20, 2011 - Whether you need flake ice for the food buffet, scooping into drinks, or keeping seafood items chilled, Manitowoc's full line of flake ice machines are the perfect choice for all your foodservice needs.

Rounding out the Manitowoc's RFS product line is the new RFS-1200 modular flake machine, designed to work with 30" bins, without the use of adapters. Installation has been greatly simplified with this change and there are no loose pieces to keep track of. The RFS series, including the RFS-300 and RFS-650, provides numerous improvements including easier installations, cleaning, and servicing of the units. These improvements take safety to an even higher level. End users will also see energy savings which is key to every business' success.

Manitowoc's flake ice machines are extremely reliable and provide the best water-to-ice ratio. This ratio prevents the ice flakes from clinging to the items they cool and the additional surface area keeps the item colder, longer. A robust dual-bearing design extends the overall life of the equipment.

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