Manitowoc Ice Offers New Flake Ice Machine Options: Low Side/Rack Ice Machines and a Larger Self-contained Unit

Manitowoc, Wis - May 20, 2011 - Flake ice is necessary in many foodservice applications from displaying fresh produce to icing-down bottled beverages. In an effort to accommodate the growing needs within the industry, Manitowoc Ice has announced the addition of three new flake ice machines - a low side/rack ice machine in two sizes and a larger, self-contained flake ice machine.

Low side/rack ice machines

Lowside/rack ice machines use the same basic components as a standard ice machine but without a compressor or condenser within the unit. Instead, the low side ice machine connects to a store's central condensing system, often called a "rack system." The rack system is shared by a variety of low side refrigeration equipment such as beverage display cases and glass door freezer merchandisers. Using a rack condenser system optimizes the performance and efficiency of the ice machine by dissipating heat to a convenient location, either indoors or outdoors, away from the ice machine resulting in increased ice making capabilities and a reduction in air-conditioning loads. Available models: RF1279R and the RF2379R.

Larger self-contained flake ice machines

When larger quantities of flake ice are needed Manitowoc's new RF0644 flake ice machine offers a complete solution for ice production and ice storage all in one larger self-contained cabinet. Perfect for mid-range flake ice production needs where a smaller machine simply won't do, but space for a modular ice machine and bin is limited. The new RF0644 rounds out the assortment of self-contained flake ice machine options from Manitowoc. This new model measures 46.0" high and 29.2" wide by 26.7" deep and offers 121 lbs. of ice storage.

Manitowoc Ice Flake ice machine portfolio

Manitowoc's flake ice machines provide the best water-to-ice ratio preventing the ice flakes from clinging to the items they cool and the additional surface area keeps the item colder, longer. Soft, moldable flake ice won't bruise produce or fish, but holds its shape for nesting displayed items. The same moldability makes this ice ideal for cold therapy in healthcare environments. The flake ice machines make a mix of smaller and larger grains for a slower melt.

Manitowoc flake ice machines offer daily ice production levels from 150 lbs of ice to 2,400 lbs. Self-contained models now range from 150 lbs of ice up to 660 lbs with ice storage capacity from 40 lbs to 121 lbs. Available Manitowoc flake models include: RF0244, RF0266, RF0385, RF0399, RF0644, RF0300, RF0650, RF1200, RF2300, RF1278C Remote, RF2378C Remote, RF1279R Rack and RF2379R Rack.

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